The Courtship of Mr. Lyon/ The Tiger’s Bride Mini-Thesis

In both of these stories, the beasts have the peculiar (maybe not so peculiar for a fairy tale) circumstance of living in “haunted houses”. This does not go to say there are troubled spirits or demonic forces at work in their homes, unless that explains the presence of their rather helpful servants. Regardless, it could be better said that the beasts are the ones haunting their own houses, making it even more difficult to obtain the companionship they both crave.


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  1. fairlady0214
    Sep 22, 2013 @ 12:12:43

    In relation to servants assisting their masters, it is important to note that they are mostly objects. Carter chose to characterize them as such to illustrate how women are treated as objects. The happily ever after typified in fairy tales is also present in these stories, only in reverse as it is found in her independence and discovery of her inner-self by shirking off objectivity–the tiger inside so to speak.


  2. carissajengle
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 15:30:15

    I agree with you on the aspect of the beasts being the ones who are hanunting their own house. The way The Beast and The Countess were brought up and how they have always lived affects them the most. They know nothing else but to be evil and over-protective of their territory. When unexpected guests arrive at their “haunted houses” they start out by being hateful like they’ve been with everyone else, but then it seems like they change. The Beast starts falling in love with the daughter after her stay with him. The Countess falls in love with the bicyclist after he shows her that he is only trying to change her for the better, not to be a vampire anymore.

    This comes back to the use of power. At first The Beast and The Countess have the power, but then the daughter and bicyclist gain power through the usage of love. The daughter leaves and becomes conceited to where she feels as if she doens’t need The Beast anymore. He wanted and needed her love more than she wanted or needed his. When he started dying it was almost like he was craving for her love. In the end she ends up coming back to take care of him. The bicyclist shows his love for the Countess by trying to make her human (which she wants to become).


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